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Oct 01, 2020
MOL: Reinventing the ESG reporting wheel
MOL's Mikkel Skougaard likes to joke that the only people who used to read the sustainability report from cover to cover were him and the auditor. Now, though, anyone who has 15 minutes to spare can find out everything they need to know about the Hungarian oil and gas firm’s sustainability credentials. Last year the Budapest headquartered company took a risk, bucking the trend for increasingly lengthy sustainability reports to produce a 10-page, 15-minute read for...
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Sep 16, 2020
Discretionary adjustments to executive compensation call for careful disclosure
In the wake of uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on public markets, many compensation committees are evaluating how to follow through on incentive compensation for their executive teams. This year has been anything but ‘business as usual.’ In many cases, long-term equity awards granted before March 2020 have lost value and performance goals for annual bonuses have become unrealistic. Companies still want their compensation programs to mot...
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Sep 16, 2020
Vanguard keeps up ESG focus
Vanguard has maintained its focus on ESG issues in terms of engagement and voting, according to its investment stewardship report on the 2020 proxy season. Figures in the report highlight the emerging picture that, contrary to some observers’ initial predictions, the Covid-19 pandemic and associated economic crisis have not lure...
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Sep 09, 2020
Rise in Canadian companies publishing sustainability reports
More than half (58 percent) of companies on the S&P/TSX Composite Index have published a sustainability report this year – a rise of 10 percentage points on last year, according to the latest ESG disclosure study from Millani. The report authors estimate that by the end of this year, 66 percent of the S&P/TSX Composite will have published a sustainability report, based on which companies historically publish sustainability reports between now and the end o...
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Sep 03, 2020
SSGA to seek racial diversity disclosures
State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) is adding to the growing social and investment pressure on corporations to take issues of racial diversity, equity and inclusion more seriously. In a letter to board chairs released last week, SSGA global chief investment officer Richard Lacaille explains that starting in 2021 the asset manager – which has roughly $3 trillion in assets under management – will ask portfolio companies to explain their risks, goals and strategy r...
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Aug 31, 2020
ESG communications FAQ: How to build back better
With the initial shock of the Covid-19 pandemic behind us, companies must look forward to continuing business and their dialogue with investors despite the multitude of uncertainties ahead. What does effective ESG communication look like in the new normal? Here we answer some common questions impacting corporates. How has Covid-19 affected the drive for standardized reporting? We think investor demand for greater standardization in sustainab...
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Aug 20, 2020
Ceres highlights general counsel role in climate lobbying efforts
General counsel have an important role in ensuring governance tools are in place to align their companies’ direct lobbying – or indirect lobbying via industry groups – with climate science and the systemic risks posed by the climate crisis, according to a new report. Non-profits including Ceres late last year released an open letter to US CEOs calling for companies to adopt a framework centering on a science-based climate policy agenda in line with an increase...
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Aug 19, 2020
Coalition offers blueprint for boosting board diversity
Several groups have come together to urge US companies to increase diversity on their boards and present a framework for how such change can be achieved. The Diverse Corporate Directors Coalition (DCDC) cites a 2018 McKinsey report as stating that companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity were 43 percent more likely to see above-average profitability. But it also points to a 2018 review of Fortune 500 companies as finding that from 2010 to 2018 the represen...
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