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Nov 06, 2012
Despite an ‘encouraging’ improvement in corporate reporting, with many companies embracing changes ahead of upcoming reforms, a significant number have yet to act and could struggle when the time comes, according to research from business advisory firm Deloitte.

 Two areas of concern highlighted by Deloitte’s ‘Joined up writing’ survey, which studies annual reports, are gender issues and carbon emissions. Just one company ...
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Oct 18, 2012
If there is one person that most financial industry charlatans try to avoid, it is Preet Bharara, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York, who has taken the prosecution of white-collar crime to a whole new level. Since taking office in 2009 Bharara has become the most feared prosecutor on Wall Street, cracking an impressive string of fr...
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Oct 16, 2012
Addressing members on Monday at the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) annual conference in Las Vegas, Stephen Cohen, an associate director in the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, reminded compliance officers of their role as trusted advisers and not ‘hallway monitors’. ‘Compliance of...
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Oct 14, 2012
Whether due to new legislation being enacted or the ongoing maintenance fending off known risks within their industries, corporations must always be aware of the compliance challenges they face year to year. Next year should be particularly challenging as there appears to be a coordinated effort globally to combat the rash of financial f...
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Sep 21, 2012
These questions are not intended to be an exact checklist, but rather a way to provide insight and stimulate discussion on the topic of compliance. They summarize current ideas on the issues and the practices of leading organizations. Although the questions apply to most medium to large organizations, the answers will vary according to the size, ...
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Aug 03, 2012
There are many similarities between the 2012 Olympic Games and the way some US companies are governed. Indeed, there are a few things governance, risk and compliance (GRC) officers could learn from the Olympics. It’s been a week since the historic opening ceremony in London and already there have been plenty of winners and losers. But in just 10 days the flames will be extinguished and the hype will start to fade. For some, however, Olympics fever will linger....
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Aug 02, 2012
The 2011 ACC meeting laid out the general areas of inquiry a board should take up with the company’s chief compliance officer. Structure questions This area consists of questions which will help determine the fundamental sense of a company’s overall compliance program. The questions should begin with the b...
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Jul 31, 2012
Large US corporations are less transparent than big companies in other developed countries when it comes to disclosing social and environmental practices, according to a study by global business research organization the Conference Board.

The disclosure rate for US companies is only 10 percent, compared with 19 percent for ...
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