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Dec 06, 2010
Shareholders are about to get a new way to vote their shares. Broadridge Financial Services will be making its tool available on cell phones and mobile devices in early 2011. Joe Vicari, vice president, business strategy and development, believes the new functionality will encourage more shareholders to vote in annual elections and enhance the ability of companies to communicate with investors. ‘The sophisticated graphical user interface is customize...
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Aug 17, 2010
Corporate secretaries and others involved in running board meetings have been trying to move to more dynamic and efficient ways of working. This has become increasingly important as companies hold more frequent board and committee meetings and directors demand ever-increasing levels of information. Despite the obvious advantages of using technology and moving to electronic meeting management, few companies have achieved buy-in and taken board meetings to an electron...
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Oct 01, 2009
In 2009 alone, more than 9,000 pink slips have already been handed out at newspapers across the country – meaning that, by the time you finish reading this, two more journalists will be exiting the traditional media landscape. As the layoffs mount and investigative budgets are slashed, corporate America is being put on notice that reputational risk management in the 21st century is less about the front pages and nightly news leads than it is about what’s happenin...
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Mar 01, 2009
Change is one of the few constants in the world of business. When it comes to technology, US companies have become famous for being at the leading edge and driving change. But one area that the majority of companies seem reluctant to change is the compilation and distribution of the board book. While technology is now in common usage throughout many areas of corporate life, those at the top appear, for the most part, to be stubbornly resistant to change. The pressu...
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Jan 01, 2009
It sounds like the plot of a science fiction film:  intelligent robots wreaking havoc while executives quiver beneath their sheets. Things aren’t that bad, but computers can seriously damage a company’s reputation. Case in point: United Airlines’ stock price collapse in September 2008 after Google presented as new an old story about the airline’s 2002 bankruptcy. The next day, a journalist with investment advisory firm Income Securities Advisors (ISA...
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Jun 01, 2006
While minimizing spending on outside legal counsel has long been identified as one of the most significant challenges facing companies, cost effectiveness is not among the top five factors when choosing outside counsel, according to a recent survey of several thousand legal teams. Factors relating to performance and reputation of individual lawyers are generally considered most important, followed by characteristics of the law firm. The 2005 Association of C...
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