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Nov 03, 2014
At Advisen’s Cyber Risk Insights Conference, former US Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge urged major corporations to build organizations that are less vulnerable to and can rebound quickly from cyber-attacks in order to deal with increasing intrusions from hackers, jihadists, organized crime, rogue governments and disgruntled employees. During his conference keynote address, Ridge cited the world’s heavy reliance on the internet and digital devices and wa...
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Aug 21, 2014
Our college graduates can’t write!’ is the kind of provocative statement that Bruce Nolop, chairman of Marsh & McLennan’s audit committee and former CFO of Pitney Bowes and E*Trade, makes now that he’s a regular blogger for ‘The internet is the new Wild West,’ Nolop explains, noting that statements that throw down 
a gauntlet are the ones that 
typically go viral. Understanding a medium where ad hominem attacks are commonplace is therefo...
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Aug 20, 2014
The  high-profile hackings of Target and Wyndham Worldwide have spurred lawsuits against corporate officers and directors, regulatory investigations and congressional hearings. These data breaches constitute yet another warning 
to corporate America that 
cyber-crime isn’t just an IT 
issue and that it certainly demands the attention of 
business leaders. The aftermath of these 
hackings should be a teachable moment. Aside from the government investigat...
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Aug 11, 2014
Not a month goes by that the media isn’t reporting another major data security breach, typically involving 
customer credit card data. Data breaches are spiking and affecting millions of retail customers. In the most highly publicized 
case, credit card information for more than 110 million Target customers – which included names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses – was stolen by hackers. That cyber-theft was followed by attacks on the personal...
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Aug 08, 2014
Senior executives spend much of their lives on planes and in airport clubs, but what about 
living inside the company board portal? That’s where expanding configurations on these digital devices that have replaced 
physical board books are enabling senior managers to ‘reside’ when they carry out many of their 
day-to-day responsibilities. ‘Executives are starting to spend their days more in these portals than out,’ says Brandon Korbey, BoardVantage...
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Aug 04, 2014
The May ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that declared Google not only a processor but also ‘a controller of personal data’ and requires it to sever links with third-party web pages containing sensitive information about individuals who so request this is a warning to US-domiciled companies that they can no longer afford to ignore the European Union’s (EU) strict data-privacy regime. The ruling – the culmination of a lawsuit by Spain’s data ...
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Jun 19, 2014
Cyber criminals are staying one step ahead of corporations. Not only is the number of incidents increasing, but the price tag as well, according to the recently released 2014 US state of cybercrime survey by PwC, CSO magazine, the US Secret Service and the CERT division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Nearly 80 percent of the 500 respondents, who included US executives, said they had detected security events within their...
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May 01, 2014
Governance, risk and compliance programs that companies originally established to address urgent regulatory demands such as those under Sarbanes-Oxley are now being applied to help achieve companies’ business goals. Companies with more mature GRC programs are getting more value from them and are better able to articulate how their programs are helping improve business performance, reduce risk, and increase overall efficiency and effectiveness.   That was a key p...
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Oct 16, 2013
A new priority has risen to the top of the corporate executive’s agenda: priceless proprietary and intellectual property (P&IP) is at increased risk of being pilfered by cyber-thieves. It is with heightened urgency that boards must implement and enforce a risk management framework to protect these invaluable assets. While constructing a sound risk management platform is critical to successfully protecting P&IP, a board’s primary hurdles involve ensuring managem...
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