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Feb 07, 2013
As companies become more comfortable with the benefits of cloud computing, they are reporting higher-than-expected costs, as well as challenges with implementation, operations and governance, according to a new survey from KPMG International. The KPMG survey, The cloud takes shape, found about one-third of respondents said the costs of moving to the cloud were higher than expected, and a similar number noted significant implementation challenges. Ric...
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Aug 07, 2012
A few years ago, it might have been a struggle for general counsel and corporate secretaries to get board members to consider using board portals. The idea of moving sensitive board books from their paper-based format to the digital realm raised questions about security and compliance, archiving, access and tech support. Today, however, this is not the case....
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Jul 03, 2012
Q: Given the current diversity of approaches, what will online annual reports look like in the future?

 A: We have just completed our 15th reporting season and have been working with public companies on their online reports for well over a decade now. For the past few years HTML annual reports have be...
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Jun 28, 2012
It’s official – almost every general counsel owns an iPad, or at least has access to one. Now that most companies have migrated their important information to this wireless device, the general counsel can edit and sign off on documents, visit the board portal and respond to emails anywhere, anytime. To top it all off, having a variety of apps ...
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Apr 20, 2012
Tweets and blogs are an easy way for your CEO and CFO to connect directly with investors, customers and employees, humanizing your executives and adding color to a corporate strategy behind the numbers. The online conversation can also show how a corporate executive’s thinking evolves over time and how he or she responds to changes in the business and the economy. But what happens when the tweeter-in-chief resigns under a cloud? Less than a week ag...
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