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Sep 09, 2021
CEOs say cyber-attacks are biggest threat to company growth prospects
Cyber-threats have fast become a major source of anxiety for nearly half (47 percent) of global CEOs, according to a new survey from PwC. This figure is a jump from last year’s survey where one third (33 percent) of global CEOs cited cyber-threats as a concern. The fear is greatest among CEOs of companies in North America, where more than two thirds (69 percent) cite cyber as the largest threat to their organization’s growth – a 19 percentage-point increase on...
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Mar 04, 2021
Opinion: How virtual shareholder meetings minimize environmental impact
In the wake of pandemic disruption, more issuers than ever held virtual shareholder meetings (VSMs) in 2020. Taking advantage of the latest technologies, companies found that VSMs can maximize convenience and create a rewarding shareholder experience. The cost savings were a great perk, too.   But there’s another side of the story we don’t usually talk about: VSMs generate significantly lower carbon emissions than in-person meetings. This is especially importan...
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Jan 04, 2021
How tech tools boost governance at HPE
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a technology company, and that tech focus is part of its governance team’s DNA. ‘Since HPE’s inception, we have focused on transforming our governance practices by incorporating technological innovations to enhance efficiencies in key areas, such as reducing time spent on administrative matters, offering valuable control points and establishing meaningful collaboration across diverse teams,’ the firm’s submission states. ...
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Dec 23, 2020
How Marsh & McLennan uses tech to manage global entities
Numbers say a lot about why Marsh & McLennan Companies is the winner of the inaugural award for best global entity management. In April 2019 Marsh & McLennan acquired Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) – the biggest acquisition in its history – and in doing so increased its legal entities from around 600 to almost 900. Over the past year or so a small team has integrated more than 100 legal entities with around 70 integration plans in 38 countries. Not only th...
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Dec 21, 2020
HPE’s Jon White: Always thinking ahead
One of the Corporate Secretary judges describes Jon White, corporate and securities counsel at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), as ‘someone who is clearly always thinking about how to move the ball forward’. An excellent example of that came in September 2019, when White proposed an innovative way for colleagues in HPE’s legal team around the world to collaborate ‘face to face’ via virtual reality (VR) platforms. Not only is VR a new way of working, it ha...
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Sep 24, 2020
Opinion: Virtual AGMs bringing increased engagement
The number of virtual shareholder meetings (VSMs) ballooned this year because of the obvious necessity presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 80 percent of the companies hosting VSMs this year did so for the first time. Although there is always some concern with new technology when it is first used, there are reasons to believe that issuers and shareholders saw significant advantages to holding their meetings online – and that many are not going back to in-...
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Aug 05, 2020
First time’s a charm: Chevron’s first virtual annual meeting
Chevron decided to hold a virtual shareholder meeting this year. Had you held one before? This was our first virtual shareholder meeting. We had discussed it in the past and had always decided against it. You filed your proxy statement in early April, and announced the potential for a virtual meeting, which you confirmed in mid-April. What preparation was required? As we approached the date of filing our proxy, it was ...
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Jul 17, 2020
Investor groups urge SEC to help improve virtual AGMs
A coalition of major investor groups has called on the SEC to take action to avoid a repeat of what it says was a proxy season dominated by virtual AGMs that were a ‘poor substitute’ for the usual in-person events. Health and safety considerations arising from the Covid-19 pandemic have led most US companies to switch to a virtual format for this year’s shareholder meeting. In a ...
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