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Mar 20, 2020
Investor communication in the face of Covid-19
With financial markets in free fall amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, companies are increasingly barraged with one-off calls from analysts and investors seeking information that can be difficult to provide within the confines of Regulation FD. At the same time, as this is a crisis without a clear playbook, timely information has never been more important to investors than it is right now. With this in mind, we reviewed some best practices and practical ste...
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Mar 19, 2020
Canada 2020: Tackling compensation matters this proxy season
A growing number of Canadian companies are holding say-on-pay votes at their AGMs, with more than 200 last year, up from 183 in 2018. The average support for say-on-pay votes in 2019 was 90.9 percent, down slightly from 91.9 percent average support in 2018, according to Laurel Hill Advisory Group. This is well aligned with the amendments to the Canada Business Corporations ...
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Mar 16, 2020
Issuers explore virtual AGMs amid Covid-19 uncertainty
Many issuers are putting a contingency plan into their proxy materials to allow them to host a virtual shareholder meeting if in-person events can’t go ahead, according to Broadridge. In-person shareholder meetings have traditionally been favored by many listed firms and investors in the US but virtual AGMs have been gaining in popularity in recent years. The spread of Covid-19 could lead to a surge in their numbers this year, according to Broadridge vice presiden...
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Mar 13, 2020
ESG plays universally greater role for investors, survey finds
Global institutional investors are unanimous in seeing the growing influence of ESG issues in their business, according to a new survey that also underlines the preference for engagement over proxy activity in tackling these issues. All (100 percent) of the respondents to the Morrow Sodali study say ESG risks and opportunities have played a greater role in their investment decisions during the last 12 months. The result ‘undeniably reinforces that ESG integration ...
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Mar 13, 2020
The week in GRC: Xerox pauses HP campaign amid Covid-19 outbreak, and Icahn ramps up Occidental fight
– The Wall Street Journal reported that Elizabeth Duke resigned as chair of Wells Fargo’s board of directors, days before she was due to testify at a congressional hearing on the bank’s 2016 fake-account scandal. Charles Noski, who joined the board in June 2019, took over as chair. James Quigley also resigned from the board. Maxine Waters, D-Ca...
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Mar 04, 2020
‘Communications gap’ leaves door open to activists, survey says
Almost half of investors do not proactively engage with the management of companies they invest in or follow, creating a ‘communications gap’ that could be exploited by activist investors, according to new research. Just 55 percent of investors surveyed by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) would describe their engagement approach as ‘active,’ while only 57 percent say they would feel comfortable speaking directly to management about any frustrations they have wi...
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