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Sep 29, 2020
Governance Matters: How the role of the corporate secretary has evolved
In this very first episode of the Governance Matters podcast – produced by Corporate Secretary in partnership with Computershare Georgeson – we talk to Hannah Orowitz, managing director of corporate governance at Georgeson, about how the role of the corporate secretary has evolved to become more strategic. In part two, we hear from Derek Windham, vice president and associate general counsel at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, on how he thinks about effective risk man...
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Sep 25, 2020
Opinion: SEC reforms offer mixed bag for whistleblowers
The SEC on Wednesday voted 3-2 to adopt amendments to the rules governing the agency’s whistleblower program. Now about a decade old, the program has proven to be successful in generating high-quality information regarding securities laws violations that have enabled the SEC to halt fraud schemes and protect investors. Although we are pleased that the SEC took the time to adopt reforms that promote ef...
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Sep 11, 2020
General counsel launches ethics oath for in-house leaders
The general counsel of a UK-based digital marketing communications company has created a professional oath he hopes will be taken by senior in-house legal and compliance officials around the world. The general counsel oath is analogous to the Hippocratic Oath doctors take at the beginning of their career and is suggested for existing and incoming general counsel or individuals in roles such as chief legal officer, legal ...
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