Corporate Secretary Webinar: How to perform meaningful and effective board evaluations

Corporate Secretary speaks about board evaluations with industry experts:

  • Suzanne Rich Folsom, general counsel & senior vice president of governmental affairs, United States Steel Corporation
  • Jeffry Powell, executive vice president of sales, North America, Diligent Board Member Services
  • Susan Ellen Wolf, CEO, Global Governance Consulting

Board and director evaluations are not always all they could be when it comes to promoting effectiveness and driving strategy. Some can appear to be the token minimum to satisfy requirements, others an empty exercise that doesn't make a difference.

Listen to our webinar recording below to find out how you can obtain real corporate value from director evaluations. It will provide practical, hands-on advice to help you get the most out of your board.  

In association with Diligent Board Member Services
Diligent Board Member Services

This is part of Corporate Secretary's new program of content-driven webinars. Short, sharp and packed with expert insight, the webinar will bring you up to speed on this critical issue in just 30 minutes.

In association with Diligent Board Member Services

Over 3,400 boards and 72,000 directors, executives and administrators rely on Diligent Boardbooks® to speed and simplify how board materials are produced and reviewed. Providing the world’s most widely used board portal, Diligent Board Member Services, Inc. has pioneered ease of use, stringent security and superior training and support since 2001. With a 97% client retention rate over the past eight years, Diligent knows what drives successful board portal adoption. Our experienced teams have advised all types of entities including commercial, health care, higher education and not-for-profits on making this transition.


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