Video: NorthWestern Energy at the 2014 Corporate Governance Awards

NorthWestern shows how a tiny in-house team can produce an award-worthy proxy statement from start to finish

'Third time's a charm' proved to be true for NorthWestern Energy, which won the Corporate Governance Award for Best Proxy Statement (Small to Mid-Cap) in 2014 after making the short list in the two prior years. Unlike some of its peers, NorthWestern doesn't have extensive resources to devote to its proxy, which is produced by 2 people in-house. The judges noted the very clear board biographies, which focused more on individual directors’ qualifications than is usually seen. The proxy is also much easier to find on the company’s website than those of some other companies, and easier to navigate.

To read the award profile, click here.

NorthWestern Energy's Tim Olson speaks at the Corporate Governance Awards 2014


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