Video: Perrigo Company at the 2014 Corporate Governance Awards

Perrigo Company is recognized for a comprehensive program that permeates the company culture and a hands-on general counsel who cares about employee training

Having the right processes for compliance and ethics in place helped Perrigo Company win a Corporate Governance Award for Best Overall Governance, Compliance & Ethics Program (Large Cap) in 2014, as well as an award for Governance Professional of the Year (Large Cap) for executive vice president and general counsel Todd Kingma. Tone from the top set in part by CEO Joseph Papa's business update newsletter and the extensive training -- including in-person and online -- provided by the compliance department to employees around the world are two aspects that distinguish the pharmaceutical firm's program.

To read the award profiles, click here and here.

Perrigo's Todd Kingma speaks at the Corporate Governance Awards 2014


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