Governance Matters: How the role of the corporate secretary has evolved

Sep 29, 2020
In the first episode of Corporate Secretary’s new podcast, Jeff Cossette talks to industry experts about the evolution of governance standards and the role of the corporate secretary

In this very first episode of the Governance Matters podcast – produced by Corporate Secretary in partnership with Computershare Georgeson – we talk to Hannah Orowitz, managing director of corporate governance at Georgeson, about how the role of the corporate secretary has evolved to become more strategic.

In part two, we hear from Derek Windham, vice president and associate general counsel at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, on how he thinks about effective risk management.



The Governance Matters podcast provides listeners with insight into the cutting-edge issues of the day for corporate secretaries, general counsel and all governance professionals.

This monthly podcast will look at how the role of the corporate secretary and the board has evolved over time, as well as how the governance landscape continues to change. From ESG to entity management, shareholder engagement to technology, we’ll hear from award-winning governance professionals and leading advisers about the latest public company governance matters.

Click here to listen and subscribe on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Soundcloud. Stay tuned for episode two, coming soon.

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