Corporate Secretary Think Tank - East Coast

New York, UNITED STATES / Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Corporate Secretary Think Tanks are complimentary, invitation-only events for a select group of senior-level corporate secretaries, in-house counsel and governance professionals.


Participant-driven and highly focused our Think Tanks embrace an interactive format where you and your peers engage in heated debate over timely topics.

Between three and four industry leaders will introduce the topic before participants break out into small roundtable groups to discuss the issues. Each session concludes with a room-wide discussion.

Switching tables at the start of each session ensures maximum interaction and networking opportunities with all participants.


'The best part of the Think Tank is the opportunity to connect and discuss important issues with colleagues and thought leaders. To share ideas and be inspired to new insights.'

'Great session and atmosphere for exchanging ideas and information.'

‘The networking opportunities were great and the discussions were superb!’

‘Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the program yesterday. I thought it was very interesting and I enjoyed it immensely.’

Event features

  • Interactive
  • Educational
  • Exclusive
  • Timely, relevant topics
  • Forum for open discussion
  • Guaranteed anonymity


Attendees are leading governance and compliance professionals, many of whom have been highlighted at our Corporate Governance Awards. Each participant is someone with an established track record and a strategic governance and compliance role within his or her company.



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