Corporate Secretary Webinar – Shareholder activism: How corporate secretaries can meet evolving challenges

Corporate Secretary Webinar – Shareholder activism: How corporate secretaries can meet evolving challenges

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020
8.00 am PT / 11.00 am ET / 4.00 pm BST / 4.00 pm CET
Duration: 45 minutes

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Shareholder activism presents ever-evolving challenges for corporate boards of directors and the general counsel, corporate secretaries and other governance professionals who advise them. Activists’ concerns and tactics change – for example, to take an increasingly greater interest in ESG issues or in pressing companies to sell themselves or their assets. 

As we approach the sharp end of the proxy season, governance teams at companies facing proxy challenges play key roles in preparing for contested AGMs. They are just as important in handling off-season negotiations and in helping reach a growing range of new types of informal agreements. 

Our panel of experts will discuss how general counsel and corporate secretaries can best advise their boards on dealing with the latest trends in activism, answering questions such as: 

•    What types of contested AGM scenarios can arise and how can corporate secretaries prepare for them? 
•    How can the board best respond to an ESG-focused activist investor, and what new issues does this present? 
•    What are the challenges and best practices for using off-season engagement as a means to prepare for or avoid activist actions? 
•    How can the corporate secretary/general counsel best help negotiate toward a settlement with an activist and then work with the board as a settlement is considered? 
•    What developments are there in the types of settlements activists are pursuing? 
•    How can the board best deal with an M&A-focused activist director? 

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