Corporate Secretary Webinar: How technology trends reflect the changing role of the board

ONLINE, UNITED KINGDOM / Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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In a landscape that demands greater transparency and accountability, boards are facing higher expectations than ever before. Not only are they recognized for organizational success but they are also accountable for organizational shortcomings. Pressure is coming from investors, regulatory bodies, customers and even the media. 

With these increased expectations comes an expanded role for the board in many organizations, moving beyond traditional governance concerns to become much more involved in strategy. As a result, more and more directors are seeking better board preparation and communication tools. In response, technology in the boardroom is evolving to adapt and meet these needs.

Join a group of experts for a webinar on how technology trends in the boardroom reflect the strategic role of the board.

Participants will learn:

  • How board responsibilities have evolved
  • Why expectations of the board have climbed
  • How boards can respond to growing pressures
  • How technology has evolved to help boards become more strategic

Speakers include:

This is part of Corporate Secretary’s program of content-driven webinars. Short, sharp and packed with expert insight, the webinar will bring you up to speed on this critical issue in just 30 minutes.

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