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How to improve your board’s sustainability game plan

Mar 12, 2018
Ten tips, ranging from leadership to positive thinking
In the second part of a series on boards addressing ESG matters, Denise Kuprionis and Pamela Styles suggest ways governance teams can work to make sure their board is on track 1. Be the leader. Explain to your colleagues that sustainability must be on the agenda.

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Lawrence Heim's picture

I've been in environmental management/sustainability/CSR in one way or another for 30+ years and only now are we seeing the concept crystallize in BODs and Executive Suites. These tips are dead on point. Sustainability/CSR valuations are still too frequently not credible - staff try too hard to justify their existence economically because of short-term thinking by mgmt. I wrote about this extensively in my book Killing Sustainability, which is very much in line with these 10 points above.
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