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Aug 14, 2018
ESG investing more popular in Europe than US, survey finds
ESG investing is more popular in Europe than in the US, a new survey finds, even though 75 percent of US respondents saying they have incorporated ESG information in their investment decisions. In comparison, 84 percent of European respondents incorporated ESG information into their portfolio construction. Among the chief reasons cited by those that use ESG principles, 63 percent believe that using ESG information is material to investment performance. Compar...
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Aug 06, 2018
Micro-cap boards are smaller and less diverse, study finds
Micro-cap boards tend to be less diverse and smaller than boards at Russell 3000 companies, according to new research, which its authors say ‘contradicts a number of micro-cap misconceptions.’ The Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRCi) and Board Governance Research studied the corporate governance practices at 160 micro-cap companies, with the goal of identifying what sets micro-cap companies apart from larger public companies. The aver...
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Aug 03, 2018
30 Percent Club members hit US board diversity target
The US chapter of The 30 Percent Club celebrated its four-year anniversary in June with bang - by announcing that female board representation across its members is now above 30 percent. The 30 Percent Club was established in the UK in 2010 as a way to have CEOs and board chairs target having 30 percent female board representation. There are now 11 chapters around the world. In the US, the group has 72 member organizations, many of which are public companies. ...
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Jul 25, 2018
Low-carbon science will drive future investor confidence, says CDP
The enormous challenge of the Paris Agreement – to keep global temperature rises below 2°C – is also creating enormous opportunities for the business community. Rather than avoid the tough climate science behind Paris, many leading companies are embracing it and using it to set ambitious ‘science-based’ targets for emissions reduction that unlock innovation and put them a step ahead of the competition.  The idea behind science-based targets is for firms to...
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Jul 03, 2018
PRI chief discusses investor watch list
Why were the 185 signatories placed on a watch list? These investors have failed to meet the minimum standards for responsible investment that the PRI has outlined, so they have been put on a watch list. What are the major areas of failure for the signatories? Those on the watch list have failed to meet the three minimum criteria the PRI has defined, namely: – An investment policy that covers the firm’s resp...
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Jun 27, 2018
Sustainable investing hits key levels, survey finds
Sustainable investing – which is increasingly being used by asset managers for its potential to manage risk and drive returns – has reached a ‘tipping point’ in terms of its presence among investing processes, according to new research. The findings highlight the need for boards and governance teams to engage with shareholders on ESG issues,  particularly as they enter the proxy off-season, a time when many focus their outreach efforts. Of those poll...
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Jun 20, 2018
What MSIM looks for from engagement and boards
Drew Hambly, executive director for corporate governance with Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM), speaks with Allie Rutherford, partner with CamberView Partners, about his firm’s approach to engaging with companies, ESG issues and activists. Allie Rutherford: Let’s start with the basics – can you give us an overview of how MSIM carries out its corporate governance responsibilities? Drew Hambly: MSIM has a team of five professio...
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Jun 07, 2018
Hedge funds commit billions to responsible investing, survey finds
Hedge funds globally have allocated at least $59 billion to responsible investing, according to a survey by the Alternative Investment Management Association (Aima) and the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit (Cais). The survey of 80 asset managers with a collective $550 billion in hedge fund assets under management (AUM) provides evidence of an increasing level of demand for responsible investment across the hedge fund industry, Corporate Secretary sister...
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May 21, 2018
Tackling ESG: Disconnected boards face greater risk
In this final part of the series, we explore the disconnect that remains with boards on ESG-related issues, the ‘fear of risk’ that drives shareholder engagement and the danger of producing a sustainability report that lacks substance. Our conclusions are derived from a recent Curley Global IR (CGIR) study of asset managers representing a total of more than $17 tn in assets under management. A recent Harvard Business School study finds that 82 percent of investo...
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